There are more than 100 activity companies in Rovaniemi. We will pick up the most cost-effective activities for you. We believe this will save your time and Money. We will give a lots of hints for you on following contents, read carefully it really help you for making the right choice.

We just released our tour booking website: You can book tours, and rent winter jacket sets. If you book over every 200€ you will get a 5€ discount. Coupon code: ibed200 (5€discount), ibed400 (10€ discount), ibed600 (15€ discount), ibed800 (20€ discount), ibed1000 (30€ discount). We will keep releasing more and more tours in the Lapland area on the web. Ibed city

Aurora Hunting

The most important factor affecting for aurora hunting is the weather. If there is snow or heavy cloudy, sorry do not put too much hope on aurora. Make sure the weather first before you book your aurora hunting trip. You can check the weather by click the button below.We have aurora hunting service with 65€/person. If you need winter outfit 20€/person. 

Is there any good place to see the aurora near hostel? Yes, there is one view tower about 1km from our hostel check google map: Syväsenvaara Fell (Observation Tower). Please be careful during the winter time to climb the tower. Only pity is there is bit light pollution nearby for aurora viewing. 

Reindeer Activities

The reindeer ride is slow. It recommend for the family with small kids. The Cheapest reindeer ride is in Santa Claus village. From 400 m to 3 km. You can reserve from us. If you are interested in visit the reindeer farm and ride the reindeer, you can have aurora hunting with reindeer. For the day time reindeer farm visit, other better option is the Zoo, because there are more animals include reindeers.   

Husky Activities

There are two different husky you need to know. Siberian husky, you most see from the pictures and movies very fluffy and cute. Another called Alaskan husky, is a sled dog bred for working ability, blend of various Nordic breeds.Pulling ability and team player qualities are more important than looks.

For husky ride you can have ride by professional or ride by yourself. Husky ride will be much faster compare with reindeer, for the small kids recommend ride by professional. Ride by yourself only for long distance, two person per sled. The price for self ride normally over 100€. 

In the Santa Claus village husky park have Siberian husky, they offer most short ride. you can book through us and it will save you 5€ the entrance fee/person.  

We also have other cooperators that offer longer distance with alaskan husky.